Corporate Entertainment as a Way to Corporate Success

Corporate communication, corporate culture, corporate event, corporate governance – the word ‘corporate’ is often used to refer to something ‘relating to a corporation’; but it also has another, an older meaning – ‘united or combined into one body’. When speaking about organizations, the image of the body perfectly reveals the principles of their operation: each person in the group has their function, there is a strong coherence between the members, and everyone is working as one. This is precisely what corporate entertainment is for; namely, creating bonds and enhancing relationships to make individuals work as one body.An entertaining event, be it outdoor activities, travel or a party, not only makes people get together, but also creates the sense of unity. Entertaining activities encourage communication between colleagues, team members, subordinates and superiors. People have the chance to get to know each other better. Contrary to work environment, relaxing activities extend relationships into more than job-related conversations.Entertainment incorporates the human element into relationships both within and outside the company (depending on the audience) which is equally and sometimes even more important in building or improving relationships.In the ever more demanding work environment it is easy to slip into tensions, misunderstandings, and conflict, which do no good for the corporation. Changing the environment and a bit relaxation while taking part in entertaining events helps the participants get rid of everyday stress and enjoy each other’s company. Thus relationships between team members, business associates, companies and their clients are being based on positive emotions, which have a great impact on people’s behaviour in their social environment and performance at work.
One of the forms of corporate entertainment where shaping relationships is practically the aim is team building events. Through entertaining activities that require the contribution of each member and a common decision, the group receives a dose of positive emotions and learns basic teamwork skills at the same time.In a corporation, corporate entertainment may enhance interpersonal relationships in a number of ways: it inspires communication, helps to sketch relationships on a positive-emotion background, provides relaxation, reduces psychological tensions, and instils the spirit of team in the participants.

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